Some attributes
First Age:10 (Gods ages faster)
Second Gender: Male
Third Form: Super Saiyan 4 and God
Other attributes
Fourth Family:

Bardock (Blood Grandfather) Radits(Blood Uncle) Goku (Blood Dad) Western Kai Supreme Kai (Mom) Eastern Supreme Kai (Uncle) Gohan (Blood Half-Brother) Goten (Blood Half-Brother) Pan (Blood Half-Niece) Goku Jr(Great-Half-Grandnephew) Hiro(Great-Great Half-Grandnephew) Frieza (Half Brother) Cooler(Half Brother) Kuriza (Half-Nephew)

Fifth Friends: None

Enimies:Z-Fighter's, Infant Loser's

Sixth First Appreance: DBAF Episode 2: Xicor Appears

Last apperacne: In the middle of Saga 3

 Character: Xicor is a fictional Character who apperas in DBAF as the main antognist in the XICOR Saga. He still reappears in the Evil Goku Saga and the AT, but not as a main antignist. 

Character Info: Xicor is beleved to be a Super Saiyan 5, due to his strength and hair color, but acutally he is a very powerful Super Saiyan 4+ God.