Episode 1

DBAF Episode 1 The Battle Of the Fusions

DBAF Episode 1 The Battle Of the Fusions

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Vegeta GT


Supreme Kai




Kid Buu



Tien and Choutzoo



Gogeta jr

                                                           Story Plot

Gotenks and Gogeta jr get in a fight. Gogeta jr only attack was a sneak attack witch actully sends Gotenks flying.  Then Gotenks repays Gogeta jr with a strong punch. They then have a clash of attacks then both fly in the air.  Gotenks releases a Kamehameha and Gogeta jr spins around in a ball position like Majin buu . Gogeta jr body is show, but then is reveled to be an After Image. The real Gogeta Jr attacks Gotenks, but then Gotenks is reveled to be an After Image aswell. The real Gotenks fire a Kamehameha witch causes a huge amount of BLOOD to be shown on Gogeta jr. Out of desperation Gogeta tackle Gotenks to the sky (and maybe even try space), but at the last second Gotenks doges the attack. Gotenks then power up to the max, but stops when he senses a strong yet evil power. Gotenks goes after it and out of courosity Gogeta jr follows.


- This the only time in the Xicor saga the human's appear

-This is the first time Gogeta and Gotenks fight the second time will be in "Gotenks vs Gogeta"

- Orignally Episode 2  was gonna be the first episode this was only released as a test like Goku Transformation.

- The fight scene's were based of one of Blazjecar and Mrqball80 episode's

-This episode got over 1,000 in 2 month's and is the most watched froggie06855 episode

- It is revealed that Mr.Popo that can create Dragon Balls that also happen in DBZ Attack of the Saiyans

-This is the first time Goku SSj5 form is shown.

- It is reveled that the saiyan jr can't sense power level's yet due to the fact how he didn't know that xicor was here untill Gotenks point's it out

- This is the only episode that had no rating

- Gogeta jr spins in a ball position like Majin buu this could be because Goku jr grandpa is Uub

-This episode has the most goof's in the Xicor saga

- This is the only Xicor Saga that didn't have Xicor appeared in the first episode


Piccolo is seen fighting Kid Buu, but he was reincarnated into Uub this mistake also happened in Winglessangelful episode.

- If you look carefully you can see through Choutzu skin

- Throughout the episode the logo that spells "Froggie" move's 

- Gogeta jr image gets blue spots on them

- It take's alot of saiyan's harsh traning to turn Super Saiyan 3, but Gogeta did it quickly

- A sentence ends with a period moderatly

- When the camera zooms in on Gotenks his left eye is blue

- Gogeta jr has a shadow and Gotenks doesn't

- the letter I is never captilized in this episode even when its alone

- If you look closely when Gogeta jr telports to Gotenks his hair rises a little like a wig

- Gotenks pants has whole's in it

- When Gotenks and Gogeta jr fly in the air Gotenks is on the right and Gogeta is on the left, but when Gogeta jr is spinning in a ball position he is on the right

- A part of another sprite can be seen when Gogeta jr After Image is laying on the ground

- When Gogeta jr After Image telport away the hole he was on move's

- You can clearly see Gotenks real hair when he notices that Gogeta jr was an After Image

- Gotenks says "I was using 40% now I am gonna use 100%" this isn't proper English 

- When Gogeta jr duck's from Gotenks power all of his blood is missing when he gets back up the blood returns

- Gogeta jr and Gotenks stand on the cloud's